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Blue Cart Guide

Blue cart

Carton Recycling is here. Styrofoam Recycling too!

We are pleased to say that the list of recyclable items keeps growing! Here you will find the expanded and complete list of items that are and are not recyclable. Your blue cart has a sticker inside the lid identifying what can and cannot be placed inside. Download a PDF of the latest Blue Cart Cheat Sheet.

Most consumer products come in some form of packaging consisting of cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum or glass. When in doubt, if you can rip it or tear it, it can probably be recycled. There is no need to separate inserts from the newspaper, there is no need to wash your glass jars and bottles - simply dispose of any food or liquid remaining inside and put them in the blue recycle cart. The only real work that should be done by you is flattening large cardboard boxes so they will properly fit into the blue cart. Finally, if you are not sure if an item is recyclable, please put it in the Blue Container.


blue containers

Please do not place the following NON-RECYCLABLES into the blue container: Yard waste, food scraps (including cooking oil and grease in a closed container), vacuum bags, animal waste and disposable diapers. Also no hazardous materials such as batteries, flourescent light bulbs, pesticides, and paint.